Your family overhearing your skype sessions? We’re killin birds over here…

A brilliant, creative idea from a client. He/she, like most of us, was sick of being at the house all the time. Also, privacy is a new-found issue in our counseling sessions because I can’t offer the distant respite of my office. All of the sudden people’s families / spouses / roommates / coworkers / neighbors are all-too-near and might overhear through thin walls.

He/she killed all the birds with one stone, went to a McDonald’s, got a coffee, sat in his/her car for our session using McD’s wifi.

From a technological stand-point, their public wifi isn’t the peak of cyber-security. But if you’re like me, I assume all of my devices are watching/listening to me all the time. Alexa just chuckled when I typed that. Plus, if it’s a trade-off of the 100% odds that your roommate will hear you vs the .0001% odds (estimated value) that someone in McD’s corporate tech department is listening in, that’s a pretty clean trade.

So if you’re comfortable using a public wifi and you’re comfortable getting a coffee product handled by someone in the world (virus related, I mean), then that’s a pretty cool option. McD’s, Starbucks, etc; anything with a drive-through and sells coffee will likely work.

One of the losses for me in this coronavirus ridiculousness is not being able to offer you a drink for our session, so how about I buy you the coffee?

Get out of the house, get some fresh air, get out of ear-shot of your folks, and get a free coffee.

Thank you for the idea!!!